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We’ll help you manage and mitigate risk with our penetration testing and cyber security assessment services.

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The first step when it comes to securing your business against cyber threats is to assess your current setup.

Unfortunately, no organisation is immune to cyber attacks. Cybercriminals often exploit weaknesses such as unpatched systems and software to bypass corporate defences. Zero-day threats pose an even greater risk as black-hat hackers attempt to find new vulnerabilities to leverage. This means regular assessment and testing is critical for any business who wishes to keep ahead of the curve.

Air Sec’s penetration testing and cyber security assessment services have been designed by top level security specialists to uncover even the smallest gaps in your security, so they can be fixed before they can be exploited. Our experienced testers can mimic techniques and processes used by cybercriminals without causing any damage to your systems. This includes servers, hosts, devices and network services.

From vulnerability assessments and audits, to specialist red and blue team operations, we’ll help you develop your defence and reduce your susceptibility to attack.

How we help

Penetration Tests

We’ll harden your network, web applications and users against attack with our penetration testing services. This involves simulating real-world attacks through internal and external penetration tests to identify security weaknesses. We’ll expose and exploit your security vulnerabilities so you can act before the hackers do.

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Cyber security audits

Securing your company against cyber threats begins with a thorough assessment of your infrastructure to identify any potential risks. Our experienced technical auditors conduct an in-depth cyber security audit to review your current setup and provide recommendations to ensure you can protect your business today, and in the future.

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Vulnerability Assessments

Organisations of all sizes can benefit from vulnerability assessments. Using best-in-class automated scanning tools, our vulnerability assessment offers a comprehensive scan of your web applications and IT infrastructure (on-premise and cloud-based) for any known vulnerabilities. We’ll identify any security issues that could make you prone to attack and patch them to mitigate risk.

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Red & Blue Team

Our team of highly skilled ethical hackers (Red Team) will go up against your cyber security team (Blue Team), in a scenario-based test that will challenge their ability to detect and respond to attack. Whether your Blue Team is an internal or outsourced Security Operations Centre (SOC), we’ll coordinate a series of advanced attacks to help you identify areas for improvement and future development.

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Common Security Issues

  • Weak/default passwords
  • Unsecure operating systems, applications and server management systems
  • Misconfigured software, operating systems and firewalls
  • Insecure or unused network protocols
  • Broken authentication
  • Failure to restrict URL access
  • Unvalidated redirects
  • Flawed transport layer protection
  • Vulnerabilities in applications

Why work with us?

Practical & proactive advice

All of our cyber security assessments and tests will provide you with clear and actionable advice so you can make the changes that matter.

Industry-leading techniques

With full access to the very latest threat intelligence, we can replicate the same tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) as real-world attackers.

Full expertise in IT & cyber security

With comprehensive knowledge and experience of IT and cyber security, we’ll track down all your vulnerabilities, however big or small.

Identify and classify security risks

We’ll help you prioritise and remediate cyber vulnerabilities in order of severity, so you can focus on remediating those that pose the biggest threat.

Why carry out Web Application Security Testing?

When you’re trying to keep your organisation safe from cybercriminals, the first step is to work on your in-house defence system. From website security testing to website penetration testing; our team of cyber specialists are here to harden your defence and reduce the chances of you being hit by a cyber-attack. Without web application security testing, you’re putting your most sensitive data at risk of being accessed by hackers. Discover more about website penetration testing here.

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