How 360° Starter Works

We use non-invasive scanning technology with pattern recognition and mathematical modelling to dig deep into your network, and everything that’s connected to it, whether physical or virtual.

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360° protection from the inside out

Our industry-leading security appliance monitors your internal network 24/7.

We intelligently identify anomalous user behaviour, unusual or suspicious activity, configuration changes, and threats caused by internal and external vulnerabilities.

Any security issues and vulnerabilities, whether malicious or accidental, will be detected and will alert our SOC triage team for investigation.

Depending on the severity, they’ll either report back to you with actionable intelligence or alert our incident response team for remediation.

How we detect & respond to threat & vulnerabilities

360 Starter Cyber Security Process

Safeguarding your security & compliance

We’ll ensure your security and compliance requirements aren’t compromised. We’ll guard against any risky events that happen inside your network, eliminate any vulnerabilities and stop new threats that bypass your standard defences.

We’ll monitor and protect against the following, and more:
  • Unauthorised logins & attempts
  • Unusual user activity out of hours
  • User granted inappropriate admin credentials
  • Unauthorised wireless connections to the network
  • A new user profile unexpectedly added to network
  • A new device added to network
  • An application just installed on a locked down system
  • New malware threats (Zero-day exploits) that bypass firewall & anti-virus
  • Critical security flaws such as software unpatched over 30 days
  • Personal Identifiable (PII) & financial information stored where it shouldn’t

Why work with us

Leading-edge security systems & tools

Protect from new & emerging threats

Meet compliance & security standards

Certified team dedicated to you

No hidden fees so easy to budget

Tailored service to meet your needs

“Air Sec’s managed cyber security service means our internal IT team can focus on what they are best at – looking after our internal network and users – with complete peace of mind that we are in safe hands.

I would definitely recommend using them. They make sure no potential threat or vulnerability goes unnoticed and are quashed immediately.”

Ian Stockley, CTO, Babington

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