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We’ll help you manage and satisfy all your data protection needs with our range of cyber security compliance services.

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In the modern business environment, organisations of all sizes and sector must comply with a vast array of data protection regulations. As technology changes and regulations evolve, this makes it ever more challenging for businesses to maintain a satisfactory compliance posture. Failure to do so can result in steep penalties, reputational damage and loss of valued customers. 

At Air Sec, we provide IT governance, risk management and cyber security compliance services that allow your business to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to protecting sensitive information.

Whether you need specialist advice, or help implementing and achieving an information security standard, we’ll ensure your efforts are a complete success.

Staying compliant not only ensures you’re meeting the relevant industry-specific regulations, but also helps raise internal standards and reduce your risk of a cyber attack.

Our expert team will be there to guide you throughout and will enable you to develop a strategy that meets all your needs.

How we help

Our services are designed to suit all businesses, regardless of size, sector and budget. We will assess your business’s networks, devices, software, processes and information storage to identify areas for compliance and reduce any risks of cyber attack.

Cyber Essentials scheme

As a fully licensed Certification Body, we’ll help you achieve the government-backed Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials PLUS certifications.

By implementing the 5 key technical controls outlined by the scheme, we’ll help you safeguard against the most common threats and reduce your risk of attack by up to 80%.

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Audited IASME Governance (IASME Gold)

Audited IASME Governance provides a simpler and more affordable level of assurance to ISO 27001, with Cyber Essentials and GDPR assessments built-in. Based on international best practice, the standard takes a risk-based approach that encompasses your physical security, staff awareness and data backup.

As an IASME Certified Body, we’ll manage and perform an on-site audit assessing your organisation against the IASME Governance framework. If necessary, we’ll help you address and remediate flaws prior to certification.

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ISO 27001

Organisations with an ISO 27001 certification demonstrate the highest levels of commitment to cyber security through the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

We’ll help you apply the appropriate processes, policies and controls required to establish your ISMS and offer full support during and after your audit.

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Organisations who wish to accept, store, transmit and process credit card payments are bound to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). To ensure full compliance, they must carry out an annual assessment to ensure cardholder data is adequately protected.

We’ll conduct an in-depth vulnerability scan to detect any security issues in your external facing network. Upon completion, you’ll receive a full report with clear advice and remediation options to help you fix any gaps in your cardholder data environment (CDE).

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What are the benefits of using an MSSP for your security compliance?

The processes, management infrastructure and associated procedures of MSSPs are consistent with the best practices and requirements of regulatory bodies.

Using Air Sec to manage your information security compliance means you will be able to achieve the following benefits:

  • Significant reduction of compliance burden
  • Reduced risk of cyber attack
  • Time and cost savings
  • Quicker compliance validation

“From start to finish, Air Sec made the whole process of achieving Cyber Essentials PLUS very efficient.

Everything was well explained throughout, and the on-site audit was conducted with minimal disruption to operations. I would highly recommend their services.”

Dan Massey, Group IT Manager, Babington

Why choose us?

Accredited Certification Body

As an accredited Certification Body, we’re fully trained and licensed to deliver against the UK government’s Cyber Essentials scheme and the IASME Governance standard.

Fully qualified & experienced team

Our experienced assessors and consultants have undertaken extensive training and accreditation, so they’re well placed to meet all your data security and compliance needs.

Service that delivers

We pride ourselves on service and have a strong proven track record of success to help your business achieve its compliance needs.

We practice what we preach

We’re serious about data protection and have achieved the highest levels of information security for ISO 27001, IASME Gold and Cyber Essentials PLUS certification.

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More than compliance

At Air Sec, we believe cyber security is much more than just a regulatory need. By combining People, Process and Technology (PPT), we aim to help you create and embed a security conscious culture that’s as committed to safeguarding your business as you are.

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