The role of a Security Operations Centre (SOC) in cyber security

Posted on 02/01/2020

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With the increasing sophistication of cyber criminals and attacks, protection has become increasingly challenging for organisations. That’s where a Security Operations Centre comes in. Find out how they work and why they’re a valuable resource for incident detection and response.  

What is a Security Operations Centre (SOC)?

A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is a unit of information security experts dedicated to managing an organisation’s cyber security defence and response.

The main responsibility of a SOC is to monitor and analyse activity across a network and its endpoints around the clock. SOC services add an additional layer of protection by quickly detecting any abnormalities that could pose a security risk, and providing an effective incident response should a breach or attack arise.

For organisations unable to resource in-house protection against cyber threats, partnering with a managed security service provider (MSSP) who offers SOC services is the perfect solution.


How does a SOC work?

With a team made up of highly experienced security analysists, a SOC will combine an organisation’s people, processes and technology to effectively manage its security position.

In the first instance, a SOC will complete a survey of all tools, software and technologies running on the network in question, ensuring these are all up-to-date and operating correctly.

The typical infrastructure of a SOC includes firewalls, breach detection solutions, and a security information and event management (SIEM) system that collects data from security feeds. SOCs carry out continuous monitoring of every event logged within an organisation, collecting data in real time, and decide whether an event poses a threat and needs action.

Advanced SOC services combine human expertise with automated technology to increase the power of their security measures and to better defend against risks. For example, an automated alert system will identify activity patterns quickly, whilst the human element of a SOC will be able to provide expert analysis on the severity and priority of the activity.

If a security incident occurs, a SOC will uncover the root cause of the issue and analyse exactly how it was able to take place. This analysis will feed back into the organisation’s continual improvement strategy, with detailed guidance on how to increase defence and prevent another incident occurring.


What are the benefits of a SOC?

Improved security incident detection

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly harder to spot and quicker to infiltrate a victim’s network and data, putting businesses without in-house cyber professionals at great risk.

Outsourcing to a SOC will ensure your network, data and users are continually being monitored, with any incidents arising quickly detected and responded to.

Achieve compliance standards

By safeguarding your users and data from cyber threats, a SOC will help you manage and satisfy a range of data protection and cyber security regulatory compliance standards.

Save £££ in the long run

For most organisations, salaries make up one of the biggest costs. Employing a team of cyber professionals requires a huge financial commitment, as well as the ongoing costs of development and training required to keep your team’s knowledge up to date.

Appointing a SOC means you’re paying for the experts’ time and service, without the responsibility of their employment.

Protect your reputation

Even a single data breach can cause great damage to your reputation with customers and partners. By showing your clients you take cyber security seriously – and that their data is in safe hands – you’re sending trust signals.


Speak to an expert today

In today’s world, companies of all sizes need to place emphasis on ensuring threats against their organisation are accurately monitored and responded to. With budget constraints and competing priorities, outsourcing to a SOC is a smart solution for many organisations.

Air Sec’s SOC delivers next generation managed threat detection and incident response services, safeguarding from the very latest threats and ensuring regulatory compliance.

If you’d like to discuss your options further, please contact us today to speak to a member of our team.

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